And on a lighter note….

What in the world were the people at Burger King thinking? That new commercial for the … whatever chicken something-or-other … I can’t get far enough through the commercial to figure out what they’re selling — it’s too darn annoying.

Bad, BAD take-off on Hee Haw (and a bad take-off on something that was that cheesy to begin with is truly scary), CLICK, the [Last] button on my remote gets hit pretty quickly. I don’t care what channel was previously on, it’s the fastest way to get away from that commercial without turning the set off.

Same reaction to Fear Factor commercials — can’t stand the show, not willing to waste my time getting grossed out and sure as heck don’t want to have to see that in the middle of a show I actually WANTED to watch — so CLICK, there goes that [Last] button again … and sometimes I just never click my way back to the original show …

Anyone else have any commercials they simply can’t stand and will change the channel to get away from?


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  1. Rich
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 05:23:18

    The commericals make the hair stand up on my neck and I am with you on the new Burger King one.


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