The London Bombing

What happened in London the other day was a horrific crime. We all know that. I don’t think there’s any sane person for whom that is not perfectly clear — it was a horrible act, unreasonable and evil. And we are all appropriately horrified by it. What I’m having trouble understanding is why we’re all more horrified by this than we are (myself included) with the acts of horror that are occurring daily throughout the World. There are bombings in the Middle East every day. There are horrible and inhuman crimes being committed in Africa constantly….. somehow we don’t react to them quite the same way…. it’s as if we’ve come to expect such actions in those areas, and so aren’t shocked by them…. but really, if we stop and look at it, it is just as horrifying whether it’s Isreal, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, or even a gang war in LA, the violence and horror are equally great.

Is it that in regard to those places where such violence is a regular occurrence, we’ve allowed ourselves to become numb to it? That London, because we think of it as a “civilized” place, is more shocking? Anyone who’d commit such acts of violence, no matter where they commit them, has given up their own right to be considered a human being as far as I’m concerned. Once they decided that what was in their head was more important than a single human life, they lost their soul… and with it their humanity… the question then becomes, what do with do with these soulless and destructive bodies…. and how do we ferret them out and stop them from hurting anyone else? I don’t have answers to that, I just have questions….. which probably isn’t adding much to the debate — but then again, maybe it could.


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