Tom Cruise, You Need the Psychiatric Help You Eschew….

I don’t know how the rest of you out there are feeling about this, but I for one am sick to death of Tom Cruise and his anti-psychiatry rants. The guy needs to be left in a mental ward with schizophrenics for about a month — and THEN tell us whether there are really psychiatric illnesses or not….. then again, even if he did that, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what his opinion was. I grew up in a home with a mentally ill mother. A mother who heard voices. A mother who responded violently to the most benign things — such as coming home from school and saying “Hi Mom”. My mother needed help. She eventually GOT that help, but had she gotten it decades sooner, it would have saved her kids a lot of pain. But her generation didn’t believe in psychiatry, and people didn’t talk about mental illness, because there was a horrible stigma attached to it. Had it been otherwise, my mother might have gotten help sooner, she might have gotten better sooner. She may even have gotten better while I was still a kid and saved me from untold beatings and pain….. but she didn’t. And every time I hear Tom Cruise shooting off his fat, misinformed, know-nothing mouth all I can think of is that there may be some kid out there who’s life is being made miserable by a parent who needs psychiatric intervention…. and maybe that parent was even starting to think about getting that help…. and then they heard Tom Cruise, and his loud-mouthed ignorance gave them the cheap excuse they needed to put off, or not get, the help they need….. and that kid is still dealing with it. If that’s true in even ONE case out there, then Tom Cruise has done irreparable harm. The guy’s entitled to his beliefs. He’s entitled to run his life based on the cultish insanity of a misogynistic science-fiction writer if he so chooses. Not a problem. But now he’s become dangerous by trying to condemn others for not following him into his pseudo-religious insanity.

You couldn’t PAY me to see another Tom Cruise movie — ever. I will not buy anying that will put one red cent into that man’s pockets. Maybe if he becomes box-office poison the media will stop interviewing him and giving him a forum for his insane blather and down-right dangerous ranting. And I have a message for his fiance — RUN!


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