"War on Christmas"? You’ve GOT to be kidding

The only “war on Christmas” is in the minds of those who are whining about it. The rest of us are smart enough to understand that the inclusion of other people’s traditions, rites and beliefs does not inherently exclude, nor diminish, our own. I’m so sick of the “war on Christmas” whiners that I’m about to switch my “Happy Holidays” (which is inclusive of ALL traditions that have one this time of year — including Christmas and Christianity) with a very dry “happy whatever”…..

It is those who are making a stink about the simple and inclusive phrase “Happy Holidays [Everyone!]” who are sucking the joy and meaning out of the holidays and season, not those who are simply trying to include all of us in their well-wishes regardless of faith, regardless of religion (yes, those are 2 different things), regardless of culture, regardless of dogma, regardless…. The killers of love and joy in this season of renewal and celebration are those who have chosen to focus on whining that not everyone is exactly like they are, and not everyone celebrates what they celebrate, rather than focusing on their own celebrations and joys — those who are determined to insist that only those of THEIR religion and THEIR dogma are worthy of well-wishes this time of year. That only those who are just like them should be on the receiving end of joyous regards and heartfelt good wishes.

You know what? The joy-killers and malevolent wishers of evil on those who aren’t just like them are doing to this season exactly what they’ve already done to this country… dividing it, taking the life and the joy out of it, and turning it into something not only less beautiful than it should be, but something down-right ugly. Those people suck.

Say “Merry Christmas” if you want to — it’s no big deal. that doesn’t mean you should insist everyone else says that too…. much less scream and whine because business choose to include everyone in their advertising so that they can sell as many gifts as possible (duh!). Quite honestly I don’t understand why anyone gives a flying f*ck HOW someone wishes them well — as long as the wishes are good ones.

So now instead of whining (as has been done in previous years) that Christmas is getting “too commercial” now the whine is that the commercialism isn’t focused solely on Christmas? It’s inclusive advertising and commercialism? Oh the freaking HORROR!!!! How is this worth taking some of the joy out of their own holiday? Because “Happy Holidays” isn’t focused solely on them? Including them isn’t sufficient? It must be all about them, and ONLY about them?

Whatever happened to “Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men”? Oh wait a minute, I’m a woman, I guess I should assume that doesn’t include me and start whining about that now….. right?

Get over it already…… and…..

Happy Whatever Everyone!


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