Biodiesel BA-BY!

Well, after changing jobs to one where I’m traveling again. And preferring to take the kittywierdo with me — it was time to buy a car. First time I’ve ever done that… in my {mumble mumble mumble} years on the planet, I’ve not needed to buy one. Living in New York City it wasn’t necessary. Even living in Washington, DC it wasn’t necessary. Honolulu, not needed….. Maryland and driving to client sites for work? ….. necessary. And perpetually renting was getting old fast.

So after researching my options over, and over, and over again. And deciding that after years and years (okay, decades and decades….) of arguing that we needed to switch from fossil fuels to renewable bio-fuels, I decided that putting my money where my mouth has been for as long as I can remember was the only reasonable way to go.

I am now the proud owner of a Volkswagen TDI Beetle. TDI being turbo diesel — yup, I can run on bio-fuel! And it’s a kick-butt little car on I95 too!

She hasn’t had her first taste of bio-fuel yet (she’s only 2 weeks old and came from the dealer with a full tank), but she should be getting her first taste of it this weekend. I’m psyched!