And the answer is…. Flag Burning!!!!

That’s right folks…. the “gay marriage” distractor tactic didn’t last long, so now they’re voting on a Constitutional Amendment about what else….. that old saw “Flag Burning”….. gee, what WILL they pull out of their hats (butts?) next?

Anything to avoid doing anything real…… or addressing any real issues….. or having to actually campaign on things that matter…… nope…… gay marriage {GASP} …. flag burning {GASP}….. and what will they pull out of the same ole same ole box next?

Politics as usual, nothing new…. and nothing real. Anyone else surprised? I’m not.


"gay marriage" in the news? Must be electioneering time again……

Anyone else out there gotten to the point of just laughing at the absurdity of this blatant distractor tactic getting pulled out of the box yet again? Seriously, forget about the REAL ISSUES in this country, because they have no solution to those and nothing intelligent to say about it…. so let’s just try to bastardize the US Constitution and turn it into a document of limitation of individual rights, instead of what it started out and should remain — a document maintaining and protecting the rights of the individual. Ridiculous. I’m glad it got no further than it got…. it’ll be interesting to see which distractor tactic they need to pull out next.