What have we turned into?

Okay, Saddam Hussein was a very bad man…. there’s nothing available information-wise that would dispute that fact — nothing. But what have we turned into in this country that people are rejoicing at his death? It wasn’t that long ago in memory that news stories of people revelling in the streets after someones death were viewed as evidence of savagery by those doing the revelling. It wasn’t that long ago that such joy over the death of another — even someone viewed as pure evil by those doing the revelling was perceived as evidence that their culture, morals and ethics were deficient and less than ours. And yet, as I wander around the internet today I find post after post after post of cheers for the death of Saddam Hussein. There is no defense for his actions and brutality, there is no defense for any of the crimes he committed. But there is also no defense for rejoicing in the death of another — ANY other. Have we devolved so far in the last few years that we are becoming the very “savages” and “barbarians” that we claim to be fighting? Are we losing our own souls to the point where we can take such glee and joy in the killing of another?

I truly pray not…. but the evidence available to me on the internet today, and even in the way the news was delivered on TV by smiling commentators says otherwise.

That’s made it a very sad day for me.