"Made in China"? Put it back on the shelf.

It appears that we’re being poisoned by Chinese businesses…. tainted wheat gluten, tainted rice protein concentrate, tainted chicken feed…. all apparently done intentionally…. whether for profit, or for some other reason (kill us off slowly and win a non-declared war?… I would hope not, but you never know).

The government is apparently not going to respond to this in the kind of timely manner which it would seem to require. But WE can.

Next time you’re shopping and picking something up to put in your cart, stop and look at where it was made. Does it say “Made in China”? If so, do you really REALLY NEED it? If not, put it back on the shelf. If you do need it, is there an alternative that was not made in China?…. even if it costs a bit more? Buy the alternative.

If the companies that did this did it for profit — it needs to become VERY unprofitable, VERY quickly…. the message needs sending that if we cannot trust your products across the board, we don’t want them at all.

I would love to see people keep track of what they put back and didn’t buy if they do this…. how much they’ve saved not buying stuff they don’t really need, and how much they spent on alternatives made in places other than China and therefore kept out of Chinese coffers.

Anyone else out there up for this?