The Political Process….

Okay, it is once again the time for every voter out there to do their own due diligence about the candidates for President, and decide who they’re going to vote for. To that end, I am posting some helpful links for looking over the candidates.

I am listing parties and candidates in alphabetical order, to avoid any kind of partisanship on my own part.

Some links that may be useful across the board:
Purports to have information on “Every Political Leader on Every Issue”.

For those candidates who are in the Senate, you can look into their legislative and voting records here:

For those candidates who are in the House of Representatives, you can do the same here:

Constitution Party

Don J. Grundman:
Bryan Malatesta: I cannot find a home page for his campaign, googling him finds some interesting information — I will leave that up to each person to do for themself.
Diane Beall Templin: I cannot find a page for 2008 for here, here is her page from 2004…

Democratic Party

Joe Biden: Jan. 23, 2008
Hillary Clinton:
Chris Dodd: Jan. 3, 2008
John Edwards: Jan. 30, 2008
Mike Gravel:
Dennis Kucinich: Jan. 24, 2008
Barak Obama:
Bill Richardson: Jan. 10, 2008

Green Party

Jared Ball:
Jan. 17, 2008
Elaine Brown: listed on Green Party website as a “draft” candidate
Dec. 28, 2007
Jesse Johnson: He does not appear to have a current website, but I did find a site from when he ran for Governor of WV in 2004 representing the Mountain Party…/jesse_johnson.html
Kent Mesplay:
Ralph Nader listed on Green Party website as a “draft” candidate.
Did not find a site for 2008, but here’s his site from 2004
Kat Swift:

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party has been nice enough to put links to all their candidates hompages in one place…. and it’s late, and I’m getting lazy/tired, so rather than recreating the links here, I give you the one link to all the links instead…

Jim Burns
John Finian
Barry Hess
Dave Hollist
Daniel Imperato
Michael Jingozian
Bob Jackson
Steve Kubby
Alden Link
Robert Milnes
George Phillies
Wayne Allyn Root
Christine Smith

Prohibition Party

Gene Amondson: Mr. Amondson’s site appears to be gone, but he has put up a myspace profile…friendid=203959556

Republican Party

Rudy Giuliani: Jan. 30, 2008
Mike Huckabee: Mar. 4, 2008
Duncan Hunter: Jan. 19, 2008
John McCain:
Ron Paul:
Mitt Romney: Feb. 7, 2008
Tom Tancredo: Dec. 20, 2007
Fred Thompson: Jan. 22, 2008

Socialist Party

Brian Moore:

I hope I got everyone who’s running — if not, leave a comment telling me who I missed, and I’ll add them in later. In the meantime — happy researching!


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