Hookers, Politicians and the Wives Who Need to Kick Some Ass

So once again we have a prime example of a humiliatingly hypocritical politician being caught with his pants down…. and a put-upon wife standing next to the podium and supporting him as he “confesses his sins” to the public at large.

I don’t understand.

Seriously. I have to believe if I were ever in such a position, hearing “we have a press conference” would be followed with “no, YOU have a press conference. I have a meeting with my divorce lawyer.” Yet time after time after time we see wives who are powers to be reconned with in their own right standing there Stepford wife like and looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

I REALLY don’t understand.

1. Paying for sex is creepy — seriously creepy… whether you’re married or otherwise. Any guy who’s got that much of a disconnect between their “lower brain” and their heart is not a guy worth having.

2. Cheating is just plain disrespectful of your spouse and marriage, no matter how you were cheating. Even if you believe “what s/he doesn’t know won’t hurt…” — yes, it does. It inherently takes energy that should go into your marriage and puts it someplace else… and that weakens your marriage, whether you want to believe it, or not.

3. Having sex with someone else risks bringing a disease home to your spouse — possibly even a disease that could kill them… “safer sex” is not fool-proof and even if precautions were taken, there’s no guarantee.

So…. under the circumstances, I don’t understand why the response doesn’t go something like this….

step 1: deck the bastard (yup a solid right hook to the jaw seems appropriate to me — I’m sure many will disagree, but so be it).

step 2: cry, scream, yell — get it out of your system (okay, if you’re not the right hook type, this could be a valid step 1)

step 3: call someone you know who’s divorced and ask for a lawyer referral

step 4: call said lawyer

step 5: go to the doctor and get tested for every STD known to man

somewhere in there you probably want to change the locks and throw the bum out…. but your lawyer can probably advise you on the best timing on that one.

The other thing that is amazing me is that Silda Spitzer is getting a lot of sympathy from people… the news, posting on the internet — that’s reasonable… but some of those same people are the same people who villified Hillary Clinton for standing by Bill through all of his shenanigans — as if she were somehow responsible for what he does with his pecker…. and that will never cease to amaze me.

As for “Dr. Linda” and her well-publicized commentary that it’s the wife’s fault?… IMNSHO the woman’s a flaming ass who apparently has such a very low opinion of men in general that she doesn’t even think they’re capable of being responsible for their most basic behavior…. that attitude speaks for itself.