"Elitist" vs. "Stupidist"

The word “elitist” is getting thrown around all over the place. Anyone who calls on people to actually THINK, rather than go with whatever the knee-jerk reaction du jour is, finds themselves labeled an “elitist”. Well then BRING ON THE ELITISTS! It’s about time we put some people in office who call on us to use our brains, instead of our knees, to decide what we really need done. It’s about time we had some politicians who called on us to use our intelligence, our capacity for reason, our logic, our core humanity and humanitarianism — instead of knee-jerk reactions and fears. We’ve had a couple of decades of this country being run by “stupidists”… those who pander to the lowest common denominator… and look where that’s gotten us?

I say “bring on the elitists!” and let’s get the stupidists out of office…. maybe then we can have a government that’s run of, by and for the people…. and intelligently.


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