Okay, so I don’t like any of the top 3 candidates either. In fact, I’m quite perturbed that by the time the primaries were held in my State, anyone I would have wanted to vote for had already dropped out…. I’ve come to the conclusion that primaries should all be held on the same day so that voters in every state can get a chance to vote for the full range of candidates, instead of the voters in States with later primaries getting a filtered down, and this round completely insufficient, roster of candidates to select from.

But, that not being the case (at least not this time around, perhaps a serious change is due), we’re left with the current top 3 candidates….. and I’m not thrilled with any of them. But I WILL vote… I just may not vote for President. In fact, I think if everyone in the country went to the polls, voted for everything else on the ballot and did NOT vote for a Presidential candidate, it would send one hell of a message about how completely disillusioned voters are with the status quo and the candidates at hand.

I’m prepared to do that…. anyone else?


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