Wing-bots, bad fashion and lunatic paranoia

So Michelle Malkin used her soapbox to freak out over Rachel Ray’s wearing of an ugly paisley scarf in a Dunkin’ Donuts ad. Personally, I thought the scarf was ugly and why someone would wear something that looked like they were freezing while wearing a V-neck T-shirt and standing in front of cherry blossoms was beyond my personal comprehension (fashion, politcal or otherwise), “it’s Muslim” or “it’s a terrorist thing” never entered my thoughts for a second…. nor did it apparently any other reasonable human being.

All it took was one paranoid rot-wing “pundit” whining that it was somehow a “terrorist” thing….. OMG! PAISLEY!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid! And next thing you know their little robot bloggers (wing-bots) are sending hate-spewing e-mail and paranoid ramblings to Dunkin’ Donuts…. the decision makers for which folded under the irrational pressure.

Well, guess what Dunkin’ Donuts — you just did lose a customer — me…. I don’t need to do business with companies that bend over for that kind of stupidity. Will my occassional purchase of a couple of boston creme donuts no longer happening break the bank — I’m sure not… but if enough people respond that way, maybe it’ll make a point.

Personally, I remember scarves around the neck like that from fashion in the 70s and 80s…. I thought it was ugly then too…. bad retro…. a crime? I think not. Michelle Malkin expresssing her opinion… no matter how completely daft it is? No, still not criminal…. all the little wing-bots who on reading Malkin’s column went running off like good little brainless psycho’s in attack mode?…. also not criminal in the legal sense of the word…. in the ethical sense… for refusing to stop and think for themselves…. it oughta be. Shame on the lot of you, and shame on Dunkin’ Donuts management for folding to a bunch of nuts who clearly are incapable of reading the ravings of their rot-wing pundits with any kind of personal thought attached to their responses.

Oh, and for the record, MONTHS ago…. Rachel Ray and Dunkin’ Donuts did THIS:

Such terrorist activity! Okay, so maybe taking that into account, I went too easy on Michelle Malkin….. she needs to pay more attention to reality before going off on one of her paranoid rants. Rachel Ray, the chirpy cherub of cheesy cooking…. as a terrorist sympathizer…. Next thing you know they’ll be claiming Tinky Winky and Barney are gay…. oh, wait a minute….good grief! I guess ugly paisley scarves have mystical powers and can turn even supporters of our military into “terrorist sympathizers”…… ROFLMAO!


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