PCs in the Hands of Stalkers — bad idea

I pretty regularly post on a couple of internet discussion forums. Sometimes that can be edifying and interesting. Sometimes it’s more of a pain than it’s worth. And sometimes it’s a lesson in the vaguaries of humanity and how some people are so far off their rockers that the runners have lost their curve. Such, sadly, is the case with a poster on a board which USED to have an interesting discussion about religion going. Of late the conversation has been more about how ticked off this poster is that other posters were not willing to take their irrational abuse, and how he/she/it is now going to “get them” for it. Along with assorted attempts at looking up personal data on the other posters and trying to post names and addresses for them — so far they haven’t come up with correct data on anyone, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

What possesses someone to behave this way? I have no idea. Is it mental illness? Just pure evil? Initially I was curious as to what the cause was. Now I couldn’t care less, I just want them to get whatever help they need so that they can stop doing the kind of self-destructive behavior that is wrecking a perfectly good discussion board….. go figure.

This particular troll/stalker has gone so far as to go to other websites and post things about other posters, even trying to destroy one of them’s business on eBay…. truly, I simply do not understand such behavior. So for now I’m saving all of the harassing posts, just in case one of those being targeted needs them for legal reasons, and hoping that the lunatic involved finds a good shrink and get some help with their rage issues and obsessions…. I can’t imagine living that way, and am glad I have no reason to.

Blessed Be


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