The more I look into Ms. Palin, the more I think she’s a bad choice.

Because she wants a natural gas pipeline, it’s automatically “God’s will”? Sorry, that’s not the way it works. And the notion that her minister got to dictate to God that she win the Governor’s seat that’s implied in these videos is truly frightening…. the ability to tell God what to do?…. special “God-given” rights and privileges reserved only for her version of beliefs?…. Isn’t that the same kind of thinking the terrorists have?

Sarah Palin telling church members that a natural gas pipeline is “God’s will” and that they should pray for it.

Part I:

Talking about how her minister didn’t even pray for God’s will, but just for her to win the election and how well that worked for her:

Part II:

And this is a choice bit of very bad, childish and low-class behavior…. totally unacceptable in anyone in politics, much less anyone who is in what is supposed to be a position of serious responsibility. In fact, this kind of behavior would be unacceptable in a child, much less an adult running for one of the highest offices in the country….

I had more sense than that as a child… and I wasn’t the most clued-in kid in the World by a long-shot…. And in case you think the story isn’t accurate, here’s the tape:

“giggle, giggle, titter, titter, hehehehehe”…. childish, immature and just plain nasty behavior from all 3 of them. But the radio “personalities” can chalk it up to that kind of stupidity being what they’re paid for…. Ms. Palin has no excuse. I’m glad I don’t live in Alaska if this passes for reasonable discourse up there.


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