Why I Won’t Vote for McCain/Palin

You cannot balance a budget if you don’t know what you already have….. how many homes? How many cars? The dividing line between “middle class” and wealthy is NOT $5 Million/year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zovk-H5qmBE — After several moments of trying to distract from the question at hand, McCain finally says the financial cut-off between “middle class” and “rich” is $5Million). You can’t vote for deregulation of the stock market and banks and for a lowering of accounting standards for 26 years while in the House and Senate and then turn around and claim you’re for regulating them now and it’s someone else’s fault that Wall Street is crashing and banks are folding (again).

While I respect Mr. McCain’s prior service to this country, including his time in the military and his time as a POW…. that doesn’t mean he’s a good choice for this countries CEO (which is effectively what a President is). Question: If you have a bank, and someone robs the bank, injures a security guard and then holds that guard hostage…. when he’s freed, do you make him President of the bank?

Even if I didn’t disagree with his voting record in the House and the Senate, and his tight ties to big oil…..

He CLAIMS he’s for the alternatives (some of them anyway…. the ones that make the least sense), but his ACTIONS speak only for petroleum.

One of the biggest issues we have right now is energy…. McCain has voted AGAINST every break to alternative energy that’s landed in front of him…. while at the same time voting for breaks for big oil….. and 7 of his top 8 campaign executives are lobbyists….. http://www.campaignmoney.org/mccainoil

The Republican Party claims to be the “party of values” and to be “more moral”…. remember the stink about Clinton’s sexcapades? And yet McCain is a noted womanizer who is currently married to a woman he had an affair with while married to his previous wife and left her for this one….. so much for “family values”…. the hypocrisy is appalling.

Even if I agreed with him politically, and thought a double-standard when it comes to cheating was acceptable (which I do not)… someone who’s already battled cancer and has serious health issues can’t be expected to survive 4 years of the most stressful job in the World….. and who’s he got in the #2 spot?…

…A woman who as mayor of a small town, took office while the town had no debt and left that office leaving a town of approximately 7,000 people almost $20 million in debt. A woman who claims to revere her natural surroundings in Alaska, but who’s policies while Mayor of Wasilla led to the two lakes the town is centered on becoming so contaminated that fish can no longer live in them. A woman who’s policies in Wasilla included making rape victims pay for their own rape kits…. $5-$13K for those was too much for the taxpayers to spend, but $13.7 MILLION for a sports arena…. THAT was okay to send them into debt for. A woman who as governor promotes killing animals from airplanes…. a woman who tried to use her position to get her ex-brother-in-law fired during a custody dispute with her sister and who, as one of her first actions after taking office, had a tanning bed installed in the Governor’s mansion…. and who had the poor sense to after having her water break in Texas, stayed at a convention to give a speech, then flew over 12 hours and 2 flights back to Alaska, by passed the 2 hospitals with neonatal ICUs in order to give birth to a premature baby she knew had health problems at a remote clinic with no neonatal ICU facilities whatsoever….. and this is someone who’s judgment while under stress we’re supposed to be able to rely on?….. are they kidding? A woman who doesn’t know what the VP does (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2HSMvqluT0) and who wants to make sure it would be a “fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans”…. which means her first priority would be Alaska, not the country as a whole…… sorry, wrong choice for VP.

Yup, Obama is young (so was JFK), yup, Obama hasn’t been in Federal Government for long (considering McCain’s record, I consider that to be a positive — he hasn’t had as long to be bought and sold by industry, big oil or otherwise), he may even be a bit naive about what he can achieve as President…. but after over 20 years of jaded people who pander to the lowest common denominator, lie to the American public and are outright owned by the oil industry….. he may just be exactly what this country needs.

You’re entitled to disagree with me — that’s a major part of what makes this country great. But right now I see a vote for McCain as a vote for more of exactly what we’ve got that IS NOT WORKING….. more government controlled by the oil companies…. more deregulation at the expense of everything else…. more corporate bailouts while the right-wing whines about paying for “head start” programs for preschoolers….. more sending our money overseas, instead of finding ways to make things better here….. more deterioration of our roads, bridges and tunnels…. more manufacturing jobs going overseas…. more outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries…. less logic, less reason, less positive action for THIS COUNTRY.

And to top it all off…. after BILLIONS spent in Iraq…. we STILL don’t have bin Laden brought down.

You want to vote for that? That’s your privilege and right……. but don’t expect me to do so with you.


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