And the whining has already begun….

I post on a couple of internet discussion boards. The political “discourse” can get pretty vehement, and pretty outrageous. Even so I find myself amazed at the number of people who are already whining about Obama’s administration and what he’s doing…. the man has been in office LESS THAN A MONTH and they’re already trying to proclaim his administration a “failure”. It’s ridiculous. Just under 8 months after George W. Bush took office this country was attacked violently, and those same posters proclaimed it President Clinton’s fault and claimed that GWB hadn’t been in office long enough to take responsibility for it… but now, after less than a month in office, the economy is Obama’s fault, job losses are Obama’s fault…. every thing is “Obama’s fault”…. apparently the man was supposed to take office with a magic wand.

So much for a sense of reality, or one of fair play, from the wing-bots on the far right…. they’ve got their “take down Obama” marching orders and they’re off and running without so much as a moment’s thought, much less a rational one.



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  1. WarPony
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 18:39:00

    I was noticing the same thing today on the news and honestly I had to laugh.I totally expected this was going to happen, I sure hope Mr. President has thick skin.


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