But his family is "one of the finest in the community"?!?!?

CNN: 4 teens charged as adults in locker room sexual assault case

Only in the South would “his client’s family is among the finest in the community” be perceived as a good thing for a lawyer to say.

If his family is so good, that’s even less of an excuse for that kind of brutal behavior, it certainly does NOT mean that he should be treated lightly for this. The 4 boys could get 120 years for 4 rounds of holding down a classmate and raping him with a hockey stick and a broomstick? Not sure that’s long enough myself. If they’re capable of that at that age, what would they become as adults?

Given every advantage in life and they do what with it? Feel so sure that the World holds no boundries for them that they think it’s acceptable to do that to another kid.

Sorry, no sympathy for the boys that did that on this front…. lock them up and throw away the key before they have time to grow into something even worse.

Harsh? Maybe…. nowhere NEAR as harsh as what they did to the other boy who will have to live with that for the rest of his life…. add in that they could have done him serious harm, even made him bleed to death…. “good family” or otherwise, those 4 have no conscience and shouldn’t be allowed back in public.


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