Happy with Your Health Insurance?

I keep seeing claims on the internet that “85% of Americans are happy with their health insurance” … last I knew that was the percent that supposedly HAVE health insurance… not the percentage that are happy with what they have … wholly different matter, having something and being happy with it. If we were all always happy with everything we have, no one would buy a newer car, upgrade their computer, redecorate their home, buy a different home, change jobs, etc … we’d all be right where we are and not want to alter anything … but alter we do … so clearly we’re not all that happy with the status quo.

I’m setting up a poll on this blog … please tell us, are you happy with your health insurance?

Health Insurance Happiness?



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  1. Rick
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 20:43:30

    I’ve always said that if health care was as efficient as health care billing, nobody would be sick.

    I swear the bill arrives in the mail 24 hours after my doctors office visit. I know they submit it to insurance but it seems they bill you the full amount anyway on the outside chance you’re dumb enough to pay before your insurance covers it.


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