Well, Rep. Weiner now says it’s him….

Says he oopsed sending it via Twitter, deleted it as soon as he realized his mistake…… I STILL don’t think it looks like a real “unit”….. so even if he meant to send it to someone, he was faking at that level too.

Good grief. What kind of level of stupid is it to do that anyway….. seriously….. it would have been bad enough (stupid) before he got married, but once he got married he should have stopped even considering doing anything that stupid.

To all you guys out there who think doing something like that is “fun” — you’re being an idiot if you do.

The internet has changed the World — once something is out there, you can NEVER really get it back — EVER, and it WILL come back to bite you in the ass…. especially if you’re in the public eye.

I just lost respect for the guy.

Going to be interesting to see what John Stewart has to say though…….


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