Trying to Profit from 9/11? SHAME ON YOU!

In the last 2 days, I’ve been the recipient of emails from vendors reminding me that it’s 9/11 — of course with links to their services.

An email from a hair salon (one which I was considering going back to, since I’d actually gotten a decent haircut — guess again now), with links to their site, etc..

An email from a drug store chain telling me to stop by for my free small flag to mark the day (no doubt made in China, and why not shop while you’re there), with links to their weekly circular, etc.

Do these vendors really think anyone needs them to remind us of the day? Of course not — it’s a marketing ploy, and it’s repulsive.

HSN is marketing “commemorative” coins and medals — one of which is $500 and, to add insult to injury, made in China…. I will NEVER buy anything from them again EVER….. and would love to see their sales fall dramatically in the wake of such horrific judgment and complete lack of ethics on this one. Whatever executive made the decision to market such items should be fired — what an awful example of business operating out of bounds and putting profits before basic core humanity.     Coin

Then there’s that “medal”     Medal

There is also a jewelry pendant and other items on their site — how bad does a company’s judgment have to be to not see how wholly inappropriate, insensitive and unethical this is?

I am appalled, and no longer willing to do business with any of the companies involved. It’s bad enough that the media are chewing it over like it’s the rib bone with it’s last bit of sauce that they’re determined to get out… but now companies are using it as a sales tactic too? How repugnant.


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