Vote the Obstructionist Bastards Out!

Every constructive bill that has come up during the current administration has been put forward by Democrats. And every one has been blocked by Republicans determined to not have anything positive happen while President Obama is in office. In the apparent hope that the voting populace is too dumb to look beyond the bleak economy at what’s actually keeping it that way.

Look at the “Bring Jobs Home” Bill as a prime example. This bill would have reversed the tax incentive that helped send jobs overseas, instead giving the breaks to companies bringing jobs back into the US — helping to reverse the outsourcing trend. The Republicans have enough people to have blocked it from even reaching a vote. It failed even cloture — which means they blocked it being voted on at all.

All Democrats voted for bringing the Bill to a vote, only 4 of the Republicans did (and we don’t know whether they’d have voted for the Bill once brought to a vote, or not — but I’d like to think they would have). The only 4 who broke with the Republicans “just say ‘no’ to anything that might help while Obama is in office” blockade are Dean Heller (R); Nevada; Susan Collins (R), Maine; Olympia Snowe (R), Maine; and Scott Brown (R), Massachusetts. And there may be other reasons to vote/not vote for the 4 of them if they’re running this term — but every other Republican should be voted out — EVERY ONE OF THEM. Blocking any bill that would help bring jobs back to this country because you don’t like the President and would rather see the country crumble than improve under his watch is nothing less than treasonous IMO, and they should be punished accordingly….. starting with being drummed out of office.

Here is a link to the record on who voted for and against it even being brought to a vote: IMO every one of those who voted against even voting on this act should be voted out of office.