Dear Organizing for Action….

I have now unsubscribed from your email.   Why?  Because I’m tired of the “win time with the President”, “win time with the candidate”…. “win time with ___________” emails.   Why?  Because I think raffling off time with our government officials cheapens the democratic process.  Because I think the notion of needing to “win a lottery” in order to have lunch with a politician cheapens the political process.

Because I’m appalled at the notion that our government, and it’s agents, have become so cheesy and “buyable” that the US Government is turning into a sleezy “reality show”, instead of the venerable institution that it should be.   Because I expect more class than that from my representatives.

Don’t get me wrong — I still fervently believe that President Obama was a far better choice than any of his opposition, not a perfect choice, but a far better one.  But I’m finding this cheapening of access to our representatives to be grossly offensive, and ethically questionable — and I want nothing to do with it.   Not now, not ever.

But if there were ever any question that we need major campaign finance reform in this country — the raffling off of politician’s time to their constituents is proof positive that we do.