Yeah, it’s been a while…. again

Thought I’d do a quick update — in case anyone is still reading/following.  The cancer saga continues.  It’s stage 4.  Because my cancer is highly estrogen receptive I had my ovaries removed.  They found cancer in both ovaries and both Fallopian tubes.  We can’t tell where else it may be, because it did not show on a pre-surgical PET scan, nor an MRI, but got those puppies into a lab and YUP cancer cells.  No discrete tumors, but scattered cells.  It may well be that that is the status of my body in general.  The good news?  A liver biopsy did not show cancer cells, so hopefully the small sample of tissue is definitive of the entire organ.

I just keep rolling along, taking the meds I can tolerate (we tried some that I couldn’t and had to stop) and doing everything I can holistically.  Diet, herbs, vitamins, exercise, etc.  Since it’s impossible to tell where it is without biopsying everything (not possible), or until something else goes wrong, and it appears to be slow growing — I am not likely to know if I have 10 minutes, or another 40 years…..  it will just always be part of my life from now on.

The scary part for me is wondering how many people are out there walking around with similar situations, and no clue that it’s even possible?  I’m told this is “rare” and usually not diagnosed until someone is in their 60s…. well, mine showed up at 54…  and I have to wonder — is it really that rare, or do they just not find it?  It could potentially be quite common, just unseen and undiagnosed with people being diagnosed with other things because cancer that scatters cells all over isn’t anything people are aware of even existing, much less there being a good mechanism for finding it.  Had it not been for those 2 teeny, tiny tumors in my breasts — which were 2 kinds of cancer….  I still, almost 3 years later, would not know I had this, would not be being treated (such as that is, which isn’t much), and would just be wondering why I feel like crap all the time.  I’ve been unwell for decades before this diagnosis, and diagnosed with a bunch of other stuff over the years — all of which may well be valid on their own… or was all that symptomatic of my body attacking scattered cancer cells and in so doing making me feel like hell?   I’ll likely never know for sure.

In the meantime, I’m doing the best I can, working on the “bucket list” and trying to do whatever I can to try to knock this nastiness into remission.  Hopefully I’ll get there.

For those who don’t know — once you’re classified as “Stage IV” you’re labelled as “terminal” and they pretty much stop trying to cure the cancer and only try to slow it down….  yeah, really.   I’m not okay with that, not okay with that at all …  so I’m trying to research as much as I can and do what I can to help myself — we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime – I hope you’re all doing well out there, and my apologies for not posting.  Next post will be about politics….  I hope — because DAMN there’s just sooooo much fodder right now!  Wholly smokes this country has gone berserk…  Trump?  TRUMP?  WTF?!?!?!?!?!?   I understand the discontent out there, but supporting someone who’s benefited from what ails the country as a whole and who wants to do MORE of that….  I’m seriously thinking a good percentage of our populace is now suffering from Stockholm Syndrome…..  and we need to snap the hell out of it.

Oh yeah, if anyone is still out there – could you please comment, rate, do SOMETHING so that I know that?  Otherwise there’s really no point in further ramblings here.