Disheartened, discontented, disturbed, voluntarily disowned.

Hi all,

As anyone who’s been in here knows, I have Stage IV metastatic lobular breast cancer.  For the most part, I’m doing surprisingly well for almost 3 years out on this crap.  But I’m exhausted much of the time and recently started getting winded when going up stairs — as someone with asthma, that’s not unusual — other than it doesn’t come with the wheezing of asthma.  So there’s more testing coming down the pike.

In the meantime, I am grateful to have excellent health insurance — and at the same time  horrified by the recent election and the actions that have been taken since.  The ACA is not perfect, but within that imperfection are some very good things…  the removal of lifetime limits, the removal of pre-existing conditions clauses, and the ability of parents to keep their offspring on long enough for them to get through college and even grad school — all of which are likely going away.  That first one is a very big deal for me personally — between all the surgery, 8 rounds of chemo, lots of testing, etc. – well, my insurance company has been billed “bigly”.  So the reinstatement of lifetime coverage limits could quite literally hasten my demise.

And the kicker?  I have family members and so-called “friends” who voted for that.  They literally stated that revoking the ACA was one of the reasons (if not the primary one) that they voted in the groper-in-chief/die Gropenfuhrer.  From my perspective, they essentially voted for me to die….. and not one of them “gets” why I’m angry, or why this disturbs me so much…. not one.  In fact, they expect me to show up for family gatherings and act like everything is just fine and hunky dory….  and I’m not going to do it.  I just don’t have it in me to sit across a table from someone who literally voted for people like me to die and make small talk and pretend that’s okay….  just don’t.

Thank you for reading this, I just really needed to vent this.  Oh, and some whiney little twit reported my Placidair Moonbat ID on facebook as “not a real name” and got me locked out….  what really sucks?  I suspect a family member who was ticked off because I dared to be ticked off and show it……  yeah, really.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep working on the bucket list, and try to move out of the U.S. — because this just isn’t the country I was raised to believe it was any more.  Instead of the open, free and caring place it is vaunted to be, it is a cold, calculating, petty, and money grubbing place run by control freaks and profiteers, and I just don’t want to be here.  I have no intention of spending whatever time I have left in this World watching this country devolve into some evil serfdom where the few at the top own and run everything and the rest of us are expected to pay for the privilege of letting them pick our pockets and hoard ever more.   That Trump voters didn’t pay any attention to the massive land grab that was the mortgage crisis (let them sell their homes to the bank and rent them back – literally what Romney said) — a blatant attempt at turning people into serfs, instead of landowners…. and all of the other stunts the republicans have pulled in the last 40 years trying to grab more and pay less for it….  and they still voted for more of that…..  I don’t understand that, and quite frankly I hope I never do.

I hope you’re all having some fun out there.  Be well, be happy, but most of all be kind.