Vote the Obstructionist Bastards Out!

Every constructive bill that has come up during the current administration has been put forward by Democrats. And every one has been blocked by Republicans determined to not have anything positive happen while President Obama is in office. In the apparent hope that the voting populace is too dumb to look beyond the bleak economy at what’s actually keeping it that way.

Look at the “Bring Jobs Home” Bill as a prime example. This bill would have reversed the tax incentive that helped send jobs overseas, instead giving the breaks to companies bringing jobs back into the US — helping to reverse the outsourcing trend. The Republicans have enough people to have blocked it from even reaching a vote. It failed even cloture — which means they blocked it being voted on at all.

All Democrats voted for bringing the Bill to a vote, only 4 of the Republicans did (and we don’t know whether they’d have voted for the Bill once brought to a vote, or not — but I’d like to think they would have). The only 4 who broke with the Republicans “just say ‘no’ to anything that might help while Obama is in office” blockade are Dean Heller (R); Nevada; Susan Collins (R), Maine; Olympia Snowe (R), Maine; and Scott Brown (R), Massachusetts. And there may be other reasons to vote/not vote for the 4 of them if they’re running this term — but every other Republican should be voted out — EVERY ONE OF THEM. Blocking any bill that would help bring jobs back to this country because you don’t like the President and would rather see the country crumble than improve under his watch is nothing less than treasonous IMO, and they should be punished accordingly….. starting with being drummed out of office.

Here is a link to the record on who voted for and against it even being brought to a vote: IMO every one of those who voted against even voting on this act should be voted out of office.


Gifts that Give Twice

As we get ready to blow the budgets this year, we can use our gift giving to support causes we care about while giving great gifts.

The Greater Good Store has tabs for different causes. Your purchases generate funds for the cause.

I see quite a few items that people I know would love, so will definitely be doing some of my shopping here this year.

How about you?

Time to Buy Myself Some Wrangler Jeans

After a tornado took out their plant in Alabama, instead of using it as an “opportunity” to move production, they’re not only rebuilding the plant, they’re adding to it and creating more jobs. And they’ve continued paying their workers.

Thank you Wrangler Jeans, for showing what a company should be and demonstrating the business values I was taught in a basic business class in school in the 70s…. that businesses are not just there to take money out of the pockets of customers, that a good business also serves the communities in which they do business, and is loyal to their workers…… I applaud you, and will be buying your jeans in appreciation — and wearing them very, VERY proudly.

Wrangler to Rebuild

Too often companies give us reason to complain — I love it when one gives us reason to cheer.

HSN’s response to my e-mail — bribery?

No, HSN, I’m not going to lose my ethics on this for ANY amount of money. $6.95 in my “Ka$h” account? — are the majority your customers really pathetic enough that they can be bought off for that?

I am truly sorry that you found selling the “Commemorative Coins” offensive. HSN’s intentions were certainly not to offend you with this ‘Today’s Special’ offer.

I apologize that you were not happy with our choice for the “Commemorative Coins” as a ‘Today’s Special’ on Sunday, September 11, 2011. I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate department. I appreciate your taking the time out of your busy day to write to us in regard to your feelings about the ‘Today’s Special’ yesterday.

Ms. …, I see that you are a very good customer of HSN. I am truly sorry that you were offended and that HSN’s intentions were not to offend anyone in regard to our ‘Today’s Special’ yesterday.

I have taken the liberty of adding $6.95 into your Spendable Ka$h (in store credit) account, as a form of an apology for offending you. Please use this Ka$h on your next order, perhaps to take care of the shipping and handling charges. This Ka$h will expire in 60 days, (November 11, 2011) so be sure to use it before it expires. I hope this helps you decide to stay with HSN, you are a valued customer and we would hate to loose you as a customer, Ms. ……

I truly appreciate your understanding in this matter and I hope you allow us another opportunity to serve you in the future.

I’ve blocked HSN on my cable box, unsubscribed from their emails, and won’t shop from them again. I’ve had a slightly “better” response from them since the above. Here is my response to the above:

You can take the $6.95 blood money out of the account — I’m not shopping with you again after the attempt to profit off of 9/11. I am not the only one offended by this, I’m getting feed back from many people who are incensed by this — hopefully sales were lousy on those items. It is unbelievable to me that someone had such poor judgment to choose to offer such an item — whoever made that wholly disrespectful decision should be fired.

I’ve already removed myself from your promotional e-mails, have “unliked” your facebook page, and am blocking HSN on my cable box.

I am not just “offended”, I am repulsed and disgusted.

As someone who lived in Manhattan at that time, had the dust from the towers come through my windows and volunteered at the 26th St Armory in the following days and saw the faces of the family members bringing in anything they could find that might have DNA on it for matching — the thought that they would be subjected to seeing someone try to profit from “memorabilia” of those events is truly inhumane, unethical and soulless.

Again — shame on HSN for doing that.

Short of pulling the product off the site, firing whatever soulless moron decided profiting on that was okay, and issuing a public apology for bad judgment — there is not one thing HSN could do to get me back as a customer.

Then there’s the ironic “icing” on the cake of bad judgment — those “commemorative” coins and medals are all made in China…. an added insult to US workers that an item supposedly “patriotic” in nature isn’t even an American product, it’s a foreign-made “replica”. Bad form all the way around.

And their response to mine — at least they didn’t insult me this time by trying to offer me a store credit as a buy-off…

Let me begin by offering a sincere apology the Today Special coins were so very upsetting. My name is Pam and I will be happy to forward your dissatisfaction.

I certainly understand how you feel and do not blame you for being so upset. I have forwarded an e-mail with your information to our management.

It was a horrible day and I cannot imagine living right there and watching it all go on right in front of you!

We take our customer’s concerns seriously and I appreciate your taking the time to let us know this was a truly negative experience.

It has been my pleasure to assist you tonight.

Thank you for shopping online with us.

Not sure what “Pam” thinks she’s done that qualified as “assist[ing]” me. And considering the fact that the coins are still for sale on the site, and in fact they appear to have MORE VARIETIES of them…. I have to come to the conclusion that my objections have effectively fallen on deaf ears. So perhaps it’s time to start a facebook page to boycott them until they remove the items from sale…. or give ALL of the profits from them (the $10 they were offering on one of them is just an insult on a $400 item) to the fund for medical care for the emergency workers and rescuers who are becoming ill after dealing with the dust from the buildings…. then, MAYBE, I’d think selling such had a reasonable purpose…. as it is, it’s just profiteering on other people’s pain.

Trying to Profit from 9/11? SHAME ON YOU!

In the last 2 days, I’ve been the recipient of emails from vendors reminding me that it’s 9/11 — of course with links to their services.

An email from a hair salon (one which I was considering going back to, since I’d actually gotten a decent haircut — guess again now), with links to their site, etc..

An email from a drug store chain telling me to stop by for my free small flag to mark the day (no doubt made in China, and why not shop while you’re there), with links to their weekly circular, etc.

Do these vendors really think anyone needs them to remind us of the day? Of course not — it’s a marketing ploy, and it’s repulsive.

HSN is marketing “commemorative” coins and medals — one of which is $500 and, to add insult to injury, made in China…. I will NEVER buy anything from them again EVER….. and would love to see their sales fall dramatically in the wake of such horrific judgment and complete lack of ethics on this one. Whatever executive made the decision to market such items should be fired — what an awful example of business operating out of bounds and putting profits before basic core humanity.     Coin

Then there’s that “medal”     Medal

There is also a jewelry pendant and other items on their site — how bad does a company’s judgment have to be to not see how wholly inappropriate, insensitive and unethical this is?

I am appalled, and no longer willing to do business with any of the companies involved. It’s bad enough that the media are chewing it over like it’s the rib bone with it’s last bit of sauce that they’re determined to get out… but now companies are using it as a sales tactic too? How repugnant.

Yes, Mr. Christie, if Gail is a NJ Voter it IS her “business”

Very much so. ANYTHING that influences your policy decisions and your agenda while in office is the business of every voter in your State — whether you like it, or not.

Your agenda of gutting the public schools, while trying to institute vouchers so that the State can help pay for your own childrens’ educations is the business of every single voter in your State.

That you want voters to watch the degradation of education for THEIR OWN kids, but help support the education of YOUR kids — is the business of every single voter in your State.

That you want the tax dollars of people who can’t afford to send THEIR OWN kids to private schools to be used to help send the children of wealthier people to private schools — is the business of every single voter in your State.

That you want to gut the teachers’ pension fund, a contractual obligation, helping to drive the teachers smart enough to get jobs elsewhere out of the teacher pool — is the business of every single voter in your State. That the teachers’ pension fund is fully funded by teachers’ own contributions, and not the State — is the business of every single voter in your State. Trying to gut a fund that is built on the contributions of those it is meant to support after retirement is nothing less than wholesale theft — and that too is the business of every single voter in your State.

Video at

Add in the fact that you didn’t even respond to Gail’s question — she didn’t ask where your kids go to school, she asked how you thought it was fair to cut funding to public schools — particularly in the context of you sending your own kids to private schools.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass how important you think a religious education is — nice distractor tactic though.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass what private school your kids are in.

And nobody would give a rat’s ass that you were sending your kids to private school if you weren’t trying to gut the public education system in the State while doing so.

Gail’s question, WHICH YOU HAVE YET TO ANSWER is essentially “how can you support the gutting of public education while sending your own children to private schools?”…. it’s not a query on where to find your kids, it’s not even a question asking you to justify sending your own kids to private school — that in and of itself is a matter of personal choice. What is is a question of ethics, morals, hypocrisy and your own class warfare on the middle and lower classes — nice job skirting and ignoring the question though… “nice” bully tactics with the pseudo-self-righteous bullshit factor you tossed in too. The REAL question Mr. Christie — is how can you justify destroying the public school system, while not only sending your own kids to private school, but also trying to get those who’s children’s educations are being destroy to subsidize it with their tax dollars? How can you with anything resembling good faith, reason, honesty, anything resembling a sense of decency and fair play in ANY manner justify your stance on public education, while at the same time trying to allow tax dollars to be used to subsidize private education? THAT, Mr. Christie, is the question. Clear yet?

Now how about you try answering the original question…. or are you truly incapable of doing something that requires rational thought, rather than puffery, bullying, bullshit, bombast and abusive behavior?

By the way — all those teachers who voted for you because you lied and claimed you were on their side when you were campaigning?…. they’re waking up to the reality of you… and they won’t likely be duped by you a second time.

I’m betting the police and firefighters you tried to screw over won’t make that mistake a second time either.

After the next round of elections, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Well, Weiner has stepped down

Not a surprise considering recent events. Now what will the stalkers on the far wrong find to whine about? I hope anyone in the public eye is taking this as “fair warning”…. or even “unfair warning”… you cannot afford to be that kind of stupid — at all. That kind of stupid will end up making you a liability to anyone who associates with you, and you’ll end up out in the cold on your own.

Do I have any sympathy for him on this? Not really. Not only were his actions a gross insult to his wife, they were stupid at a level that we cannot afford in government. Just the fact that he knew he was being watched very carefully, looking for ANYTHING the far-wrong could use against him…. and he HANDED them their “issue” on a silver plate… well, that speaks for itself.

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